Players need to know the various types of roulette bets to make a profit although it must be mentioned that they will have greater fun if they just bet roulette without worrying about the profit aspect.

Before placing a wager on roulette, players should understand that this is a game of chance and that there is no way to predict the outcome of each spin on the basis of previous outcomes. In spite of this, there are innumerable paid and free roulette systems, each claiming to teach players ways to win their bet roulette.

Roulette Types

There are 2 types of roulette bets—inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets include bets placed on single numbers, split bets, street bets, corner bets, five-number bets, and double bets. Outside bets include red or black bets, odd or even bets, dozens, and columns. Players should know and understand each bet roulette type before wagering any money on the wheel.

The inside bets have a high house edge, which means that player odds of winning these bets are low. Players need to bet in such a way that it benefits them, and not the house. So, players ought to place a large number outside bets. Adventurous players who want to place inside bets should also place outside bets to cover the losses incurred by their inside bets.

Players should also be aware of the 3 different variants of roulette—American roulette, which has both 0 and 00; European roulette, which has only 0; and French roulette, which is similar to European roulette, but carries a number of French terms. Owing to the presence of both 0 and 00, the house edge is greater for American roulette; so players who want to win must play either French roulette or European roulette.

Free Roulette Systems

Before placing a bet on roulette, players must make a study of several free roulette systems, which they will find all over the World Wide Web. 

For instance, the Martingale system encourages players to keep doubling their bets till they win, before reverting to their original bet and starting all over again.

This free roulette system is based on the theory that players cannot lose all the time, but have to win at least once; and since they have doubled their bets, they will make a profit.

Two more examples for free roulette systems are the Labouchere system, which encourages players to bet on different numbers, and the D’Alembert system, which is based on the theory of equilibrium.

Players who bet roulette however should not be surprised or disappointed if these free roulette systems do not work. The best roulette betting tip is never to spend any money on roulette systems or strategies, but depend on one’s experience alone.

Above all, players should remember that the roulette wheel is not a money making machine; it is just a way to have fun. If players are lucky, they will win. There is no point in going broke over roulette; so players should set a limit for themselves and stick to it.